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Posted on Nov 08, 2023 / Auto Accidents, Chiropractic, Corrective Excercises

What are the best treatment options for whiplash?

Whiplash is an acceleration – deceleration type forced movement to the neck. It may result from rear end or side – impact motor vehicle collisions, but can also occur during diving, falls, sports collisions or other accidents. The impact may result in bony or soft tissue injuries (whiplash injury) and multiple different whiplash associated disorders […]

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Posted on Oct 20, 2023 / Chiropractic, Nervous System

Radiating Pain: 5 Main Causes

Radiating pain is pain that starts in one area of the body and travels to another. It might feel like the pain spreads throughout an area. It is not unusual for pain that radiates to come and go or feel like it moves from one area to another randomly. The pain being felt is traveling […]

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