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Posted on Feb 08, 2019 / Chiropractic

Key Facts About the Chiropractic Profession

Chiropractor showing Key Facts About the Chiropractic Profession

Key Facts About the Chiropractic Profession Chiropractic care is a system of whole-body care based on spinal alignment. When the spine or other joints are out of alignment, it affects the musculoskeletal and nervous systems, causing pain, loss of mobility and dysfunction. Here are some key facts about the chiropractic profession. A Conservative Approach  A chiropractor has broad […]

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Posted on Jan 15, 2019 / Chiropractic

Planning for a Long Flight Soon? Traveling & Chiropractic

Traveling & Chiropractic: See a Chiropractor Before You Travel  It is a good idea to see a chiropractor if you plan on traveling a long distance. There are many ways that traveling a long distance can take a toll on your body. You are likely to have back pain if you spend a lot of time in […]

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