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Posted on Jul 13, 2018 / Chiropractic, Sinusitis

Adjustment Benefits for Sinus Troubles

You probably already know that a spinal adjustment from a chiropractor can be effective in treating sports injuries or injuries suffered during an auto accident. What you might not know is that chiropractic care can be used to treat sinus troubles. Dr. Shane Silver and his staff see patients all the time who are desperate for relief from […]

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Posted on Jul 06, 2018 / Chiropractic, General

Significant Relief For Low-Back Pain

 A new study led by investigators at the Palmer Center for Chiropractic Research, in conjunction with the RAND Corporation and the Samueli Institute, found that patients suffering from low-back pain who received chiropractic care in addition to usual medical care had better short-term improvements in low-back pain intensity and pain-related disability when compared to those who received usual medical […]

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