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Ways Expectant Mothers Can Better Ease Their Back Pain

Pregnancy can be an exciting experience for an expectant mother and her family as they prepare to welcome a new baby into the world.  Unfortunately, complications that can cause  pain and discomfort are also sometimes part of the pregnancy.   One of the most common complaints of expectant mothers is having to deal with lower back pain.

The most common cause is quite obvious — weight gain.  Women sometimes gain significant amounts of weight during their pregnancies, (easy to do, since the body is busy building a new human being and requires significant resources for that).  The weight gained around a woman’s abdominal area can shift her center of gravity, resulting in an adjustment of her normal posture.  This increases the pressure on her lower back, which can result in pain.

Listed below are a few ways expectant mothers can relieve back pain during their pregnancies.  Please note however, that some types of back pain can result from serious medical conditions therefore, make sure you contact your doctor about any back pain and discomfort prior to implementing these methods.

  • Exercise — One of the most effective ways of stopping back pain altogether is through light exercise.  By strengthening your back muscles and increasing your level of overall fitness, your body can better carry the extra weight resulting from your pregnancy.  This can eliminate the back pain completely.
  • Massage Therapy — A great massage will not only help relax your muscles, it will also relieve tension stored in your body.  Massages relax tense muscles and help relieve your stress through the day.
  • Alternate Heating Pads and Cold Compresses — Applying cold compresses and alternating these with heating pads can provide pain relief for your back.  After consulting with your doctor, start by using the cold compress for up to 20 minutes per day for the first three days.  Then, begin using a heating pad, using care to avoid your abdomen.  Alternating between these can provide back pain relief.
  • Concentrate on Improving your Posture — When pregnant, you feel added pressure on your spine from being forced to carry extra weight.  This often leads to slouching, further increasing the pressure put upon your spine.  When working or sitting, place a towel behind the small part of your back, and consciously make an effort to always sit up straight.  Maintaining good posture will relieve the added spinal pressure which will result in less back pain at the end of the day.
  • See a Doctor — If none of the above solutions work, or your pain worsens, consider seeing your doctor.  He or she can better determine the health of both you and your baby to try and determine if a more serious issue is at the root of your pain.   For more details and other ways expectant mothers can better ease their back pain, please continue reading here.



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