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about-dr-silverBeing active and athletic my entire life, I am no stranger to pain. During some athletic training and preparation for an upcoming season of baseball, I suffered an intense low back injury and went through months of evaluations and physical therapy sessions. I experienced some pain relief, but no functional relief. In other words, when I started back to athletic training and more intense activity, I was relapsing constantly. There was recommendations by team advisors and physicians to seek more invasive treatment options that might help. I went through multiple diagnostic tests, including x-rays, MRI’s and bone scans and with those results, almost followed through with those invasive recommendations. However, thankfully, my parents had heard of many other people and athletes seeking out the services of a Chiropractor for conditions just like mine.

I decided that I would stick to a conservative approaches before I resorted to the invasive options that were presented to me.  I found a Chiropractor and ultimately received treatment and had begun to regain function in a few days and was back to my athletic endeavors in a week or so, without relapse.  I was intrigued by the simplicity of the message and treatment from the Chiropractor and it stayed with me for several years.  Upon graduating from college, I decided that Chiropractic medicine was where I would pursue an advanced degree and career.  I would pass the simple message and results on to others in need.

In just over 13 years of practice,  I have consulted with and treated many  patients who have come to me last and eventually, through results have said, “ doc, I should have come to you first and a long time ago”.  Visit our testimonial page to see but a few of our success stories in our patients own words.

Our facility is designed to help people regain and maintain health naturally.  By incorporating various therapies into patient management we are able to make some lifestyle adjustments to improve the quality of life.  One key to these lifestyle changes is education.  It is our responsibility to interpret current health information, evaluate that information and provide our patients the highest quality care and to provide professional services with responsibility and integrity.  No matter what the level of an individual’s health, we can improve upon it, always working toward optimal results.

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